YWCA Queensland and TAFE Queensland partnered to develop an online Healthy Relationships program as a Domestic and Family Violence Prevention initiative pooling our expertise and resources – YWCA Queensland on the content and TAFE Queensland on the online learning design and development.  

Our vision was to develop an engaging, interactive online program, with original content as well as a collection of existing resources to promote respectful, responsible and happy intimate relationships. 



YWCA Queensland is a vibrant, progressive women’s organisation with a vision to empower women and girls to find their possible.  

We believe that the full and equal participation of women at every level of decision-making will lead to a better world. We have a passionate and relentless commitment to the prevention of violence against women and we deplore the personal, social, community, economic and opportunity cost of intimate partner violence

Our work is founded on three cornerstones of empowerment:  Leadership, Economic Participation and Safety and Housing

Safety and Wellbeing: while the activities of YWCAs everywhere vary according to local needs, the YWCA has always been – and will continue to be – in the business of women’s safety: physical safety, sexual safety, choice, online safety, the safety to express opinions, needs and aspirations.

Economic Participation: we know that financial independence is central to women’s empowerment and wellbeing.. So this part of our work centres on ensuring women have the skills and knowledge they need to gain employment and participate in the economic, social and civic life of their communities.

Women’s Leadership: The world is a better place where women are involved in the decision-making. At YWCA Queensland, developing and promoting women as leaders in all spheres of activity is in our DNA.

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TAFE Queensland supports people to ‘Make Great Happen’ through the delivery of quality industry-standard training to over 120,000 students every year.

TAFE Queensland is the largest and most experienced provider of further education and training in Queensland offering practical, industry-relevant training to over 120,000 students annually, across more than 500 program areas.

Our learners are at the centre of everything we do. We are here to transform their lives and to ‘Make Great Happen’ Our vision is to continue to be the market leader of high-quality education and training in Queensland and target markets beyond.

Our mission is to be an efficient, sustainable, responsive organisation that develops individuals’ skills and employment opportunities, meeting employer, industry and community needs.

Our values are innovation (bringing new ideas to life), accountability (delivering on promises to our customers and each other), commerciality (building a sustainable organisation), and teamwork (working together as one TAFE Queensland).

The content of the resource was developed and validated by a reference group comprising: Experts in crisis support and services for victims of domestic and family violence

Facilitators of perpetrator programs


Experts in online learning.