healthy relationships

Online Health and Wellbeing Program

A health and wellbeing initiative contributing to domestic and family violence prevention


What is Healthy Relationships 

In 2015, the Domestic and Family Violence Task-force report, Not Now, Not Ever, detailed domestic violence in Queensland in a way never seen before. The report challenges the reader with a blunt question, “what are you going to do about this?” 

The Healthy Relationships program is a joint response to this question by YWCA Queensland and TAFE Queensland. The online program is structured to be highly engaging and provoke learners to think about their attitudes and be accountable for their own behaviour.  

This program equips women and men, girls and boys to foster healthy relationships with their partners, family and the wider community. This program has been made available to TAFE Queensland students and is now available to school groups, sporting clubs and corporate organisations.  

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Hosted on TAFE Queensland’s learning management system, the program is flexible, interactive and able to be accessed from any device.
The Healthy Relationships program has the following features:

  • Takes a proactive focus, on personal goals and the benefits of healthy relationships, rather than lecturing
  • Aims to be fun and interactive to promote engagement with the content
  • Can be undertaken in digestible chunks, as well as providing structure in a logical sequence for those who prefer that process
  • Gives people tools to promote responsibility for behavioural choices
  • Demonstrates an inclusive approach, eg. cultural, linguistic, sexual orientation, gender identity attributes
  • Uses non-judgmental, frank language
  • Builds an evidence base through a monitoring and evaluation framework.

Why do you need this program?

Violence in the family creates an economic burden for both business and government in loss of productivity and demand on the services such as health, justice, legal, crisis housing and support. Domestic and family violence affects the mental and physical health of victims and can cause long-term mental and physical illnesses

Why in the workplace?

Research has provided compelling evidence that workplace health interventions significantly impact on the health outcomes of employees. Increasingly, research is also demonstrating the close connection between employees’ health and wellbeing and their productivity.

That is, the workplace culture and behaviours can have profound impact on an employee. And an employee’s health and wellbeing impacts on productivity. 

Not only that, you are leveraging your influence as a corporate and business leader to contribute to the prevention of family violence, sending a strong message to the business and broader community that violence, disrespect and gender inequality is not OK.

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Organisational benefits

It is more likely than not that you have both potential and current victims and perpetrators working in your organisation today. This program is a primary prevention tool, an introduction to people thinking and talking about why and how to invest in good relationships that help people lead happy and productive lives.

The following are likely outcomes from this program:

  • Improved health and wellbeing of employees
  • Decreased personal leave due to injury
  • Increased safety for all individuals on your staff
  • All employees knowing the avenues for finding help and referring others to relevant supports
  • Improved accountability for behaviour through increased knowledge and tools to encourage ownership of thoughts and actions